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in New York.

Welcome to the Ham Radio website of Tom Ray, W2TRR.  This site is here to present some of the things I am doing with Ham radio, in the hopes that you perhaps can utilize the information presented to make the hobby more enjoyable for you.

This site is presently under construction, and will always be a work in progress.  Thanks for stopping by.

Tom operating 20 Meters at the Orange County Amateur Radio Club special event station celebrating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's sail up the Hudson River, June 2009.

My QSL card is a picture of the train trestle across the Moodna Viaduct in Blooming Grove, New York.  Metro-North Railroad runs passenger trains to/from New York City on this trestle, and CSX runs the occasional freight train.

New Windsor, New York is located approximately 50 miles due north of New York City, and approximately 15 miles west of West Point.

W2TRR is into APRS.  My car, W2TRR-9, is tracked on this map.

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